Wednesday, November 29

Gambia: Top DELAG officer Bakary Gibba found himself in trouble after been accused of passing information to social media!

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A senior official of Gambia’s Drug Law Enforcement Agency (DELAG) has found himself in trouble after he was accused of allegedly trying to use a known drug dealer to spread the theft of drug exhibits at DELAG involving top Directors of the Agency, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Bakary Gibba, a Chief Superintendent at DELAG, has been summoned by his boss DG Bakary Gassama to explain himself on allegations that he was in touch with one Lamin Touray, AKA mosquito, a prominent drug dealer. Gibba was reportedly recorded by Touray, during a conversation he had with him, in which officer Gibba, was alleged to have asked Touray to help him pass incriminating information against the Agency’s Directorate to social media. In the said purported tape, Gibba, was heard allegedly accusing the three Directors of DELAG Bakary Gassama, Lamin Gassama and Demba Jammeh of stealing drug exhibits.

According to DELAG sources, Lamin Touray, shared the audio recording with Momodou Musa Ceesay, another drug dealer, who was recently engulfed in another separate drug scandal case with the accused DELAG Directorate. Ceesay’s case is still pending at DELAG. He was linked to receiving stolen cocaine exhibits from Demba Jammeh and co.

DELAG insiders said it was Momodou Musa Ceesay, who shared Bakary Gibba’s audio with the Directorate. The said audio was given to him by Lamin Touray for personal use, but he (Momodou Musa Ceesay) decided to forward it the Agency’s Directorate.

Concerned by Gibba’s disturbing allegations, DG Gassama, decided to summon Gibba for questioning. Gibba never denied being the one, speaking on the audio. He pleaded with Gassama for mercy, but Gassama has asked him to write a statement to explain why disciplinary actions shouldn’t be taken against him, insiders said.

It should be noted that both Momodou Musa Ceesay and Lamin Touray had pending drug cases at DELAG. Their cases have been pending due to lack of exhibits to prosecute them.

Gibba’s case hasn’t been decided yet. He is increasingly worried as Gassama and co have accused him supplying information to social media, a charge he has denied. He has admitted to speaking to Lamin Touray, but has denied passing information to social media.

Meanwhile, drug dealer Momodou Musa Ceesay, has been advised by the DELAG Directorate to cutoff communication with Banta Sosseh, a man, who recently told Freedom Radio Gambia that he was a victim of police extortion. Sosseh, has accused the police of allegedly stealing D2 million dalasis from him. The alleged theft occurred after a failed cocaine procurement deal that he (Sosseh) was involved.

It turned out that the people he was dealing with had no cocaine but a fake gold dust. The Wellingara police reportedly acted in concert with other civilians to steal his money from him. The station officer of Wellingara Samba Sowe and his colleagues have been charged. Their case is pending in court.

Sosseh said he was processed by the police and DELAG. His case was first handled by the police, but it later went to DELAG.  DELAG’s Investigation Director Lamin Gassama is married to Samba Sowe’s daughter. Samba Sowe was the former Station Officer of the Wellingara police station. He has been interdicted with the other accused officers.

Sosseh said Momodou Musa Ceesay had tried to help him recover his stolen money, but to no avail. He said he even tried to convince Ceesay to speak to the Freedom Newspaper about (Ceesay’s) own pending case at DELAG, Ceesay is no longer picking his calls. He added that Ceesay had earlier agreed to come to his home to take part in a telephone interview with Freedom radio. Ceesay never showed up.

According to Sosseh, Momodou Musa Ceesay, had confirmed to him about some audio recordings and text messages that he (Ceesay) had exchanged with the leadership of DELAG and was reported by the Freedom Newspaper. This followed DELAG’s planned raid at his home, but it was aborted. Ceesay forwarded the audio and text messages to officer Momodou Baldeh, but Baldeh mistakenly  forwarded it to to the Deputy Director Tijan Bah. He was trying to forward it to DG Gassama, but it mistakenly went to Tijan Bah’s phone.

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