Sunday, May 28

Gambian Embassy in U.S. receives students from New Jersey

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The objective of engagement with the students was to bridge the gap that has for so long existed between Africans and Americans of African descent by introducing them to The Gambia, its culture, history and tradition.

The First Secretary (Information and Cultural Affairs), Mr Saikou Ceesay, received the students on behalf of the Ambassador His Excellency Momodou Lamin Bah. He welcomed the delegation to the Embassy and introduced them to the history and culture of The Gambia through a presentation on pre-colonialism, colonialism, the struggle for independence, the various successive governments, the political history of The Gambia, Kunta Kinteh Island, Fort Bullen (Barra), Stone circle in Wassu, the eight ethnic groups and the local food.

Mr Ceesay said the Embassy would continue to engage students among other African American communities and organisations with a view to bridging the gap between Africans and Americans of African descent. This, he added, would be done through cultural and educational exchanges.

He also used the opportunity to advise students to be serious with education and avoid peer influence into taking drugs, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

He said the challenge ahead is huge and could only be surmounted through a high sense of commitment to education and discipline.

The students were accompanied to Washington DC by officials from National Stop the Violence Alliance and the Attorney General’s Office in New Jersey.

Source: Embassy of The Gambia in Washington, DC