Tuesday, December 5

Gambian entrepreneur to open fire safety & security company

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The Basse-Manneh Kunda born who was speaking to The Point in an exclusive interview, said: “The aim of Fire Safety and Security Company is to minimise the risk of fire and limit its impact on people and property. As a specialised fire safety officer who underwent rigorous training in France, I want to implement that knowledge in the country,” he posited.

Jabbie who was the first Chairman of Operation No-Back-Way to Europe before travelling to France said the move is also geared towards participating in national development of the country. “As a Gambian, the development of this great country has always and will continue to be my top priority.”

The importance of establishing such a company in the country, he went on, can’t be over emphasised. “It is high time that Gambia has such a reliable and experienced company with a view to protecting our business assets from fire and security threats. We have seen companies in the country that were affected as a result of the fire incident. Therefore, in order to avoid a replica of such a disaster, I want to open this company so as to provide safety for your employees and customers. We all know that fire incidents can cause significant damage to property which can also result in the loss of critical data and equipment and even loss of lives.”   

“Do not let your dreams and achievements go up in smoke. Therefore, the best way to avoid that is to make contact with a fire safety and security limited company. If all goes as planned, the company will be open in January of 2024.”

Quizzed as to what service the company will be providing, Jabbie said: “The Company will be selling fire safety and security appliances as well as electronic items, installations of fire safety and security equipment, assessment and survey of structures, properties, offices, and buildings for prevention of fire,” he said.

Consultancy on fire safety and security appliances, he said, will also be part of the things they will do. “I can assure you that the safety of our customers will remain a top priority.”

CEO Jabbie also urged business owners to ensure that their premises and business are protected against the risk of fire and other security threats.