Thursday, December 7

Gambian expert celebrated on World Sight Day

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Njie is one of the few Gambians who are doing well in the field of eye care internationally and is the Head of OSELF Africa Chapter, a global non-profit making organisation which has offices in 27 countries and bent on eradicating refractive error in a life time.

“Mustapha’s story of ascending to the highest level of leadership is so inspiring as he is the first and only African to occupy such a position and overseeing 12 African countries,” he stated. “Mustapha who graduated from the University of The Gambia led Onesight’s pilot project of sustainable vision care in The Gambia and he succeeded in opening seven vision centers across The Gambia and expanded the project to other African countries such as Rwanda, Liberia, Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal and Malawi etc.”

Kinteh further reiterated that Mr Njie has won several international awards including the International Association for Preventive Blindness (IAPB) Eye Health Hero 2018 whilst he was the regional manager of Expansion and Development, Africa Onesight.

 “I believe stories like that of Mustapha will inspire so many youths in The Gambia that they can become anything that they set their minds to even in the most challenging situations. West Africans are special,” he said.  

In The Gambia, OSELF under its philanthropy project in partnership with the National Eye Health Program under the Ministry of Health has conducted 20 far-to-reach community outreaches since February and issued 4,751 free eye wearers/glasses to students, poor and special needs people including people living with Albinism, People living with HIV and Aids, Mile 2 and Jeshwang Juvenile prisoners, and those hard of hearing. OSELF continues to conduct free eye screening and issuing of glasses as it believes in helping the world to see more and be more.