Monday, October 2

Gambian Migrant Arraigned in Malta for Willful Damage to Police Uniform, Taser Gun

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Ebrima Drammeh, a Gambian migrant rights activist residing in Malta has confirmed to this medium the arrest and prosecution of one Bakary Fatty, a 28 years old Gambian migrant residing in Malta.

He disclosed to this medium that he came across the arrest and prosecution of the young Gambian migrant through newspaper reports in Malta, noting that the report came to their attention during the weekend while they are making efforts to meet the migrant on Monday (today).

According to him, the migrant was reported to have been charged with willful damage to police uniforms and taser guns as well as refusing to obey legitimate orders. He added that the accused has since pleaded not guilty but his request for bail was turned down by the court presided over by Magistrate Ian Farrugia, given the circumstances of the case and its nature.

According to him, the accused was first detained at the Floriana lock-up earlier this month after immigration authorities allegedly found that he was not supposed to have been residing in Malta, noting that the accused was also reportedly accused of behaving aggressively on police who checked on him by fighting them and tearing their uniforms.

He disclosed that the Gambian migrant was said to have been taken for a check-up following the incident to the Mount Carmel Hospital where he was kept under observation. He said further charges including insulting and threatening the officers, violently resisting them, and causing them slight injuries were added to his charge sheet on Tuesday.

Drammeh further disclosed to this medium that the situation of the alleged Gambian migrant will also be reported to their Association to take over the matter while calling on all Gambian migrants to be law-abiding wherever they may be and ensure that they are within the reach of their documents at all times.