Thursday, June 1

Gambians are against Barrow’s government, says Pateh Baldeh

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By Binta Jaiteh

Mr Pateh Baldeh, the former spokesperson of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) said Gambians are against President Barrow’s government.

The prominent politician said the opposition was able to secure these important seats due to the weakness of the ruling party, NPP.

“The people are tired of mere promises without fulfillment. The rampant corruption, robbery, and economic hardship are setbacks which led to NPP’s downfall in this mayoral elections and I think it should be a concern to the ruling government and change their system of ruling.”

Mr. Baldeh stressed that Gambians were expecting President Barrow to reveal his plans and agenda to the people which will address the challenges of the poor people, but unfortunately, he failed most of his words which electorates considered to be sentimental, and attacks which is a contributing factor for the party to lose woefully.

“A government who is ready to address the challenges of its citizens should set strategies that will benefit the people but for over five years now the people continue to suffer and face numerous challenges without any solution. 

“Barrow and his government only focused on how to win more seats than considering the priorities of the masses, gone are the days where the Gambians will be fooled by politicians they are now aware of the realities after the dictatorial rule for 22 years with hardships. The Gambia has decided again because we need development despite our political affiliations.”

However, he said the political cycle is gone and he urged everyone to come together and avoid discrimination for the development of the country and the future of the youth.  

“I, therefore, congratulate all the winners and the ones who didn’t win to work as one nation and forget about individual interest, not party interest,” he said.