Saturday, June 3

Gambians have decided for a change without going back – Pateh –

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By Binta Jaiteh

Pateh Baldeh, former spokesperson of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP), has said Gambians have decided for better change ahead of the upcoming mayoral and chairmanship election.

Mr Baldeh said the electorates know what is good for them and who to give their votes to in the elections and no one can change that fact.

Stressing in an interview with this medium, he said the government is using the Meet the People’s Tour as a campaign tactic to go around the country laying foundation stones. “This kind of politics should not exist in our political space, all the electorates know what is good and they know what should be done.”

He went on that laying foundation stones does not guarantee the beginning of work meanwhile he said there are a lot of roads where the foundation was laid but till today the work didn’t begin and the duration period for the works has passed.

The Politician said there is a need to know where the government is taking the money that they are spending, “We want to know how they got the money whether is the citizens’ money, loan or donation. There are a lot of things happening in this country that Gambians need to be aware of. The living condition of the people is very poor, that’s why some engaging robbery, stealing, and coupled with rampant corruption in society.”

He pointed out that the demand and supply are so high that the poor are suffering and facing hard challenges. “They should construct roads for people which should not be used as political propaganda because it is our right through taxpayers’ money.”