Wednesday, November 29

Gambians in Grief, Urge Government to Address Fuel Price

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By Binta Jaiteh

Carrying out their proposed sit-down strike action which almost paralyse the movement of people in the country, many people that depend on commercial vehicles for their daily routine have called on the government to find a quick and sustainable solution to call off the strike.

Gambians are suffering and they urged the government with immediate effect to take a drastic solution to immediately address the fuel scandal.

Reaching out to some people at the garages and bus stop by The Voice newspaper yesterday, Badou Ndow, a carpenter explained that since he reached the garage to go to his workplace he had faced a delay because there was no bus and taxi to carry passengers, “the sit-down strike is hindering the work.”

“I have been standing here for the past two hours, and still I am not able to have a vehicle to go to work. We the carpenters work by day, but today I will lose that due to the strike scandal. The government should act fast, and address the situation if they keep on adding to the price of the fuel and deprive the drivers by adding to the price of the transport that will cause chaos,” he lamented.

“Gambians are suffering. I was a driver before, but due to the issue of driving hardship the drivers are facing, I decided to quit and do something else, there is no peace in driving. I called on the government to open their eyes and see the issues surrounding the country,” he continued.

Mariama Ceesay, a businesswoman expressed the same as she stood on the highway for a long time without a trace of a commercial vehicle thus she was supposed to go to the market to sell, then go back home to cook.

‘’had it been that students were to resume school today, how would the children go to school? it means that they will have to sit at home and wait because you don’t expect all those school-going children to walk including the small children up to their school,’’ she whined. Isatou Cham also bemoaned the situation.