Wednesday, October 5

Gambians need to work with sincerity in changing the standard of the country- Says, Lawmaker

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By Binta Jaiteh

SulaymanJammeh, the National Assembly Member for BundungkaKunda said Gambians need to work with sincerity to make sure that they change the standards of the country.

In an interview with the paper, he noted that they are from different political parties but serving their constituencies and the country at large as Gambians, that they can only develop this country when there is unity among them.

He outlined that it is due to political sentiments that is why life is difficult, which he said is not fair for the people living in the rural areas all in the name of politics. And as far as he is concerned as a parliamentarian, there will not be any development with rampant corruption that he expects to bring the Anti-Corruption bill.

“The people who will be in that commission whether they are trustworthy is another issue. If that bill comes it will help the government to know how to spend money because that is the problem we are facing in our development process,” he advanced.

He said that certain unlawful issues are happening in the country and that his advice to the government is for them to empower the security personnel in service to enhance their working environment.

Adding that in his understanding, there are a lot of young people in the army but they have resigned due to a lack of motivation.

“I have been taken to some of them and this is what they said and that is not encouraging in our Army. That can be very dangerous for our security personnel to live office that can cause a security threat to the country. Is only in The Gambia where servicemen are not important because they sacrifice a lot for their country so the fact is that they need to be empowered so that the people can be safe” he said

He informed that all the developed countries have been doing that to make sure that the security of their country is intact

However, he said lack of sincerity can be a factor in the situation they are facing with caring, that they may not fall into this mess.  He concluded that as people are employed due to their knowledge, they should deliver to address the problem affecting the lives of their citizens.