Sunday, September 25

‘Gambians should refrain from divided ideology, fake allegations’

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Sulayman Junkung Sawaneh, who last week donated wheelchairs to some needy people and 15 blood pressure machines to 15 communities in the North Bank Region, said “as Gambians, we need to change our attitude and let what we say out match with what is deep inside our hearts.”

Speaking in an interview, Mr. Sawaneh said  irrespective of individual background in terms of geographical location, ethnicity and political affiliation, there is need for every citizen to have a sense of belonging towards the development of “our beloved country, The Gambia.”

“The problem in The Gambia is our attitude towards each other and if not changed, it will yield nothing but backwardness and hatred among ourselves. Because, as Gambians, what we are saying is different from what is in us and our country cannot develop if we are divided in our thinking and ideology,” he stated.

On his take on The Gambia political landscape, he advised political leaders and their sympathisers to stop spewing personal false allegations on each other on social media such as WhatsApp group pages and among other political platforms.

The problem within the country, he said, lies on all Gambian shoulders and “Only talking on WhatsApp group pages and other social media platforms will not take us anywhere,” he claimed.

Highlighting on his philanthropic activities in the country for the past two decades, Mr. Sawaneh affirmed being the first Gambian to donate radios and TVs to Mile 2 Prison, adding that there is no health facility in the country which did not benefit from his donated medical items.

“Just recently we donated a set of one flat screen and a fridge each to seven health centers in the North Bank, Lower River and Central River Regions,” he revealed.

The ultimate of his donations were the 15 blood pressure machines to 15 communities in the North Bank Region and wheelchairs to needy persons thus promising that other regions will also benefit from similar gesture in the not too distant future.