Wednesday, November 30

Gambians vote for system change in 2016, but lost hope soon, says Pateh Baldeh

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By Binta Jaiteh

Pateh Baldeh, former spokesperson of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) and chairperson of the inter-party committee at Lower River Region (LRR) has reiterated that Gambians voted for system change in 2016 during the Presidential Elections but hopes were lost sooner than expected.

But he quickly disclosed that a new political party is set for the transformation of the country in the upcoming 2026 elections.

In an exclusive interview with this politician, he said it seems like history is repeating itself the citizens’ hopes and ambitions are still in limbo which is not the ambitions of the people as the living condition of the people daily is becoming harder every day.

“Government must be able to at least have a mechanism to reduce the hardship that the people are facing. Any government who cannot provide that in his or her regime has failed woefully, they should find ways to at least restore hope to the people for a better tomorrow,” he explained

Still speaking, he said Gambians are not used to expensive feeding so if they had to face that now commotion will arise because it is their right to complain as taxpayers.

Meanwhile, he said Jammeh make sure that the living condition of the people is decent and the basic commodities are not expensive.

He also highlighted the issues of corruption that have dominated the country but “our party will be a party of action because we have committed people, leaders, and members who are ready to deliver to Gambians.”

Registering a new party, he said they have received their acceptance letter and now they are waiting for the next step of the issue “I want to inform the Gambians that this party is not a joke. We are yet to reveal the name of the party but the party is meant for the system and empowerment of the Gambian people irrespective of tribe and others.”

He continued that the party manifesto and constitution are in the making and soon they will be distributed to the members and the country at large.

He maintained that the party is ready to change the lives and livelihood of the people and the party will be exceptional and will be unique in addressing the poor condition of the people.