Monday, December 4

Gambians Will Not Allow to Be Intimidated- Faal

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By Binta Jaiteh

The former press secretary of the Gambia Action Party (GAP) Sheikhna Faal has underlined that Gambians will not allow intimidation or to be silenced after enduring 22 years of dictatorship.

He explained that President Barrow had become aggressive and that the President was in attack mode because he wanted to silence the citizens.

“Gambians will not allow to be intimidated nor allowed to be silenced again after being under a dictatorial rule for 22 years,” Faal said in an interview with The Voice.“In a serious country with a serious parliament, all this would not have occurred. President Barrow should know that he is different from former President Yaya Jammeh. Neither can he rule as Jammeh because the way and manner in which both took over power is quite different,” he stated.

The former GAP mouthpiece said he was not surprised about the recent developments in the country’s political landscape.

‘If you have Jammeh’s people under your government, I am not surprised to see you adopting his ways,” Faal argued.

He said the country is undergoing a critical phase, citing the reported arrest of Madi Jobarteh. Madi, he said, was fighting for the rights and freedoms of the people.  “Madi serves as an inspiration for most young people even though he is fighting a lost battle because Gambians don’t know what they want and we don’t deserve a person like MadiJobarteh,” GAP former press secretary stressed.

He pointed out that Gambians could have stood “firmly” and defended Madi if The Gambia was a “serious country”.

“But many a time, he is isolated and left alone to fight,”Faallamented.

He advised the police to arrest those, he described as, lawbreakers and looters of public coffers.