Thursday, September 29

Gambia’s Ambassador to the United States strengthens cooperation with Brazil |

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The Gambia’s Ambassador to the United States of America with cumulative responsibility for representing The Gambia to Brazil, H.E. Dawda D. Fadera, on 23rd July, 2021 presented his Letters of Credence to the Ambassador of Brazil to the United States of America, H.E. Nestor Forster Jr at a ceremony held at the Brazilian Embassy in Washington.

Initially, Ambassadors in Washington overseeing Brazil were supposed to travel to Brazil to present their Letters of Credence but due to the surging nature of COVID-19 pandemic, the Ambassadors were advised to present their Letters of Credence to the Brazilian Ambassador to Washington. This was the rationale behind Ambassador Fadera’s presentation of his Letters of Credence to Ambassador Nestor Forster Jr.

Following the presentation of his Letters of Credence, the two diplomats held discussions and agreed to ignite cooperation in agriculture, increase the volume of trade between the two countries and bolster sports particularly football in The Gambia.

It could be recalled that The Gambia and Brazil established diplomatic relations in 1965. Brazil, a country in South America, has a population of over 211 million. It is a leading producer of agricultural produce, such as coffee, oranges, sugar, cassava, beef etc.

Meanwhile, in a separate development, Dr Mamadou Tangara, Minister of Foreign Affairs said: “on behalf of the entire Africa Group, including my humble self, I feel singularly privileged and profoundly honored to pay tribute to one of the most illustrious sons of our time, the revered Nelson Mandela, whose loss, the whole world will continue to brood over for as long as his name remains in the books of world history.

December 5 marked a sad day for the People of South Africa, for Africa and, for the World at large as news of the death of Madiba reverberated across the globe. Today, we stand together in one accord, transcending continents, as a global community to honor the Life and Memory of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Speaking on behalf of the African Group, allow me to express sincere appreciation to you, Mr. President for organizing this special meeting of the General Assembly. It is only fitting that this august body whose pioneering and relentless efforts contributed to the dismantling of the heinous system of Apartheid, initiates a special meeting dedicated to the life and memory of the Iconic leader of the Anti-apartheid struggle who remains an inspiration to us all. Africa’s leadership role at the helm of the UN Special Committee Against Apartheid sealed the African consensus in the international campaign against the then apartheid regime in South Africa.

“The African Group for its part and, as a tangible demonstration of moral obligation and duty to preserve the unique legacy of our “Madiba”, celebrated this illustrious Son of Africa at a Special Meeting of the African Group on Friday 13 December 2013 culminating in a decision to name the Conference Hall at the Permanent Observer Mission of the African Union as, MANDELA HALL.”