Friday, January 27

Gambia’s Covid-19 case spikes up

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Latest report from the Ministry of Health has shown a spike in The Gambia coronavirus cases as 46 people were reported to have tested positive for the virus.

“Forty-six (46) new cases were registered taking the total number of COVID-19 cases ever confirmed in the country to 6,328. Two (2) cases absconded from COVID-19 treatment centres. The cases are composed of 30 males and 16 females with a median age of 37.5 years (Range: 5 – 78 years).

“A total of 301 new laboratory test results were received (25 from MRCG and 276 from NPHL) of these, 46 tested positive, representing a 15.3% test positivity rate. Four (4) new COVID-19 patients were newly discharged from treatment centres, while 4 got discharged at least 10 days from the day they tested positive but evaded institutional isolation,” the Ministry said.

“Eight (8) COVID-19 patients are currently on oxygen therapy. No new contacts have been traced. Currently, no one is in hotel quarantine, 229 active cases and a crude case-fatality ratio of 2.9%. As of 25th June 2021, 31,254 and 12,303 people received the 1st and 2nd doses of AstraZeneca vaccine respectively, bringing the total number ever vaccinated to 43,557.

“So far 10,420 (518 New) Rapid Diagnostic Tests were conducted at the Airport for travellers as of 7th July, 2021. Of these, only three (3) tested positive for both RDT and PCR. They were all treated and discharged. As of 20th June, 2021, 102 new clients received Psychological First Aid (PFA) Services provided by MoH, Department of Social Welfare (DSW) and Paradise Foundation, thus bringing the number patients attended to 1,931 since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic,’ the report added.

While other parts of the world brace for a possible third wave of COVID-19, majority of Gambia’s population have become extremely relaxed on following COVID-19 guidelines and regulations. As movement continue to be restricted and the wearing of face masks still mandated in some countries, people continue to go about their businesses in The Gambia without following the basic safety guidelines.

There have been growing concerns amongst some Gambians on the total relaxation of some of these guidelines as reports of a possible third wave hits neighbouring Senegal. International Organisation UNICEF has cautioned that the country must not let its guard down as people continue to ignore COVID-19 protocols.