Saturday, September 30

Gambia’s Military Will Intervene in Niger To Restore Democracy-Saihou Mballow

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By: Momodou Justice Darboe

Presidential adviser Saihou Mballow has asserted that Gambia’s military will intervene in Niger to restore peace and democracy.

According to President Barrow’s adviser on political affairs, the Gambian military is “well-prepared” and capable of participating in any sub-regional democracy and peace enforcement interventions in Niger.

“Today, I am proud of our army. No one surpasses us (the Gambian military) when it comes to professionalism. I can say that they are intellectuals. They have everything and can serve anywhere,” Mballow said in an interview with Teranga FM aired on Monday. 

He added: “Some of them served with the UN and ECOWAS. They underwent training all over and are well-trained. And they know how to serve internationally. That’s why we say they are capable. They are going to go there and we’ll make sure we restore democracy, peace and protect the people of Niger. They can do it.”

ECOWAS Mandate   

Mr. Mballow said The Gambia is ready to intervene in Niger and the country only awaits a nod from the ECOWAS.

“They would do it(military intervention in Niger). Gambia is part of anything that ECOWAS…We will not do it without ECOWAS. We will not do anything behind ECOWAS but Gambia is going to be part of anything that ECOWAS signed. Gambia is going to be part of anything that ECOWAS is,” he underlined.  


He explained that ECOWAS was there for The Gambia throughout its political impasse in 2016 and therefore, said the time has come for the country to pay back.

“Who helped us when we had an impasse in 2016? ECOWAS.ECOWAS came and said don’t fight. They said we are not here to kill or attack anybody but we want a peaceful transition so that the winner of the elections could be installed. It happened in other countries. Why not Niger,” Mballow argued.

He continued: “Democracy must be restored in Niger. The rights and freedoms of the people of Niger must be respected and restored. We cannot sit by and watch the civilians, the children and the women of Niger suppressed and oppressed. We will not do it.”