Saturday, March 25

Gambia’s new VP sworn-in

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At a ceremony held at the State House in Banjul, President Barrow stated that having reflected on the many qualified Gambians for appointment to the second highest Office of State in the country, he deemed it fitting to appoint Muhammad B.S. Jallow as vice president of The Republic of The Gambia.   

“To his credit, Vice President Jallow has years of relevant experience in the Civil Service. Over the last decades, his progress in the service of the country landed him within the upper cadre of the administrative structure as Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education and, later, at the Office of The President, where I appointed him Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service.” 

During his tenure as Secretary General, President Barrow explained that Mr. Jallow earned his trust and respect, based on his performance and comportment. He added that Jallow demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and loyalty to the nation, hence his subsequent appointment to represent The Gambia at the Senegalo-Gambia Secretariat.  He continued that while in active service, Jallow also showed exemplary character and left his mark in the institutions he served. 

“I trust his knowledge of governance and public administration will be an asset to the country, particularly with regard to the supervisory role he will play in overseeing the government institutions under his purview and his participation in Cabinet deliberations.   Vice President Jallow is assuming office at a time when the pace has been set to pursue our revised national agenda, as prescribed in the Green-Focal National Development Plan, 2023-2027.”

Barrow urged him to maintain and promote the cordial team spirit and high sense of professionalism that bind Cabinet members in their collective task of developing The Gambia with unquestionable sincerity.