Saturday, September 30

GAMTUB supports call for diplomacy in Niger

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In a statement shared with this medium, GAMTUB said: “We join him in condemning the forceful removal of the democratically elected government and call for immediate and peaceful return to civilian rule.”

The Bureau also expressed concern with the military threat by ECOWAS to forcefully reinstate the deposed president, saying such action “will have very serious consequences” to the worker class, their families and the people of the sub region who already face enormous economic challenges.

“The Gambia Labour Movement and the Niger Workers Confederation are both members of the OATUU. Therefore we stand in solidarity with the workers of Niger for their patriotism and committment to peace, freedom, democracy, inclusive development and social justice,” said GAMTUB.

GAMTUB also said that it regrets the sanctions imposed on the country by ECOWAS and laments the discontinuity of electric supplies from Nigeria which  measures they consider to  be “inhumane, unjust and cynical” that would bring no solution but economic hardship and insecurity in Niger and the Sahel Region.

“We again deplore any military undertaking by ECOWAS and remind members of ECOWAS that their mission as a regional economic bloc is to promote Pan Africanism, social and economic integration of member states and not to interfere in the internal affairs of respective countries let alone go to war,” it further said.

GAMTUB also cautioned heads of state not to engage in action that would be devastating to the sub region with the ultimate likelihood of a breakup of the regional bloc.