Thursday, September 21

GAP Deputy Leader Calls Out Barrow for Excluding Opposition from Important Summit

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Bubacarr Bayo, Deputy Party leader of Gambia Action Party (GAP)

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By Buba Gagigo

Bubacarr Bayo, Deputy Party Leader of the Gambia Action Party (GAP), has criticized President Adama Barrow for not inviting opposition leaders to the Senegalo-Gambian Presidential Council meeting.

“The 3rd Senegalo Gambia presidential Council meeting should not have been held without the invitation and presence of political leaderships as counterparts in the signings of the various documentations in the context of promoting multilateral ties between the two countries. Such agreements are significant and can be a milestone in setting the right political trajectory. Party leaders were expected to take part in the signing ceremony as seen to be the next government in upholding these agreements,” he said.

Mr. Bayo said that political parties, as institutions that represent the will of the people, are not only established to compete for political power. They are also seen as a framework for promoting vibrant socioeconomic development.

The Deputy Party leader of GAP also said the ruling government should understand that these institutions embody the hopes and potential of the state machinery in the view to accelerate monumental undertakings in a collective commitment to fostering inclusive development and ensuring equitable distribution of progress across the nation. 

Bayo urged president Barrow to take political parties and their leadership serious, considering the magnitude of the agreements that were signed by the two nations.

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