Tuesday, March 28

GAP Leader Criticizes Authorities Over Airport Fees

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By: NyimaSillahSheikhna Faal, Secretary General of the Gambia Action Party said the Fees Charged at the Airport are already paid through the ticketing system.

Speaking to this medium yesterday, Faal said: “The fees make no sense but the government does it because it is another way to milk money from people with the impression that the monies will be put to good use. This is another way of how this government takes money from people illegally and cares for no one.”

 He argued that the fee levied by the GCAA on travelers at the airport is just another system failure by the government and it just indicates the lack of accountability of this government since Barrow came into power.“The Ministry of Tourism under Amat Bah whose office the GCAA is under is one of those ministries that lack focus and leadership. Amat Bah is the worst minister in this government but due to his praise singing skills, he still occupies that seat, and the impact is just another blow to the tourism sector,” Fall alleged.

Mr. Faal stressed that the attestation by a tourist from Holland is just one sample among many, noting that the fees hurt the country.

He chastised the government for careless and lavish spending of money for their personal use.

 “Health is a death trap, our education sector is a waste, and the agriculture sector is dead, etc.”