Friday, March 31

GBA prexy expresses dismay over existence of draconian laws

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Speaking during the opening of the Legal Year 2023, President of the Bar Association, Mr. Salieu Taal expressed dismay over continuous existence of the draconian laws from the Yahya Jammeh era after six years of transition from dictatorship.
“It is really disheartening to maintain the arsenal of draconian laws from the Jammeh era in our books under our current dispensation. As a rule of law institution, the Bar is calling for the prioritisation of a new constitution to replace the 1997 Constitution and the repeal of all the repugnant/undemocratic laws that don’t conform to international human rights norms and values.”

He highlighted that the nation cannot speak of the rule of law if we continue to rely on a body of laws that are really designed for a dictatorship.

In 2023, he reiterated that the country still has the same 1997 Constitution, the same criminal code, public order Act, elections decree and draconian practice directions from the Jammeh Era.

“The legal order of the previous dictatorial regime is still intact, yet to be supplanted after 6 years of our transition from a dictatorship in 2017. The Gambia we decided is yet to be realised.”