Friday, September 30

GCCI discusses procedures ahead of September Elections

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The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) on Friday briefed the media at its office on the procedures ahead of its Executive Board Members Election scheduled for September 2nd 2022 at the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Conference Center.

Speaking to journalists, the former GCCI President Abdoulie Touray and chairperson of the Advisory Board, said the elections would see the President, Vice President, Treasurer and an additional five (5) co-opted members from various business sectors up for elections.

He added that the five additional members should come from sectors such as Tourism, Construction and Real Estate (1 member), Large Employers (more than 100 employees – 1 member), Agriculture, Agro-industry, manufacturers, Exporters (1 member) and Youth (not older than 35 years old – 1 member).

Stating further, he said, an additional sixth member would be on the Executive Board for the Banking, Insurance or Financial Services Sector, while noting that three positions are reserved for the Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) and the Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA) as Ex-Officio Members and the GCCI CEO who is employed by the 11-member Board, thereby completing the 12-member GCCI Board.

“The Executive members have a term limit of two-three years, making it a maximum of six years.”

Mr. Touray continued that GCCI is the apex umbrella body for private sector development and responsible for all related activities of private sector development.

Dwelling on gender balance, Mr. Touray explained that GCCI also believes it is important to have affirmative action. “So in the Constitution, 30% members of the Executive must be women.”

Touray commended the visionary leadership of the GCCI for thinking and deeming it fit to galvanise the vast experience and expertise that has been accumulated by former Presidents and CEOs of the Chamber of Commerce to mainstream them into the new Constitution of the GCCI.

Election Procedure on GCCI Constitution

To be eligible for election to the Board of Directors, a candidate must be fully paid-up member of the Chamber and must not be in arrears on their annual subscription fees, within the three years prior to the date of the elections.

Furthermore, any candidate nominated by a company must present their employer’s audited financial statements and in the case of an individual a tax clearance for the same period will suffice.

Any member who wishes to contest in the election for the office of the President of the GCCI, Vice President and the Treasurer of the Board of Directors, shall do so by completing a prescribed Nomination Form supported by the endorsement of five paid-up members of the Chamber.

Eligible voters and category for the elections include:

Category A Extra Large Business – Six (6) Votes

Category B Large Business – Five (5) Votes

Category C Medium Business – Four (4) Votes

Category D Small Business – Three (3) Votes

Category E Micro Business – Two (2) Votes

Category F Start-Up – One (1) Vote