Monday, October 3

GCCI set for Annual General Meeting

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By: Nyima Sillah

The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) has revealed its readiness to host its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 2nd September 2022 at the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Conference Centre, Bijilo.

This was revealed during a press conference held on Friday at its office complex in Bijilo, while they informed the public of the GCCI’s preparation for its scheduled annual general meeting.

different positions will be contested during the upcoming AGM this will include the positions of President, Vice President, Treasure, Tourism, Construction, Real Estate, Large Employment ( employing more than 100 staff as per SSHFC) Agriculture, Agroindustry, manufacturer’s, Exporter, Youth (75% shareholding owned by individuals below the 30 years of age) Importer, Traders, Retailers, MSME’s, Transport, Banking, Insurance or Financial Service, GPA, ( Ex-officio Member) GIEPA (Ex-officio member) GCCI CEO.

Speaking at the press conference the former CEO of the GCCI, Almami FandingTaal unveiled that by their amendments in 2021 an advisory Council was established as an organ of the GCCI.

He added that it is with that regard, past presidents of the GCCI, past CEOs, and Ex-Official members of the board of GCCI the advisory council has been established to help GCCI which is more than 50 years old on its journey to be the voice and presentation of the private sector

He disclosed that the notice period that is required for this election to be held has already been issued and published in the newspapers and it is 21 days

However, Taal mentioned that candidates’ eligibility includes a fully paid-up member of the chamber and must not have been in arrears on their annual subscription fees, within the three years before the date of the election. That any nominated candidate by a company, must present their employer’s audited financial statements and in the case of an individual, a tax clearance for the same period will suffice.

“Any member who wishes to contest in the election for the office of the president of the GCCI, the Vice President, and the treasurer of the board of directors, shall do so by completing a prescribed nomination form, supported by the endorsement of five paid-up members of the chamber,” he informed.

Abdoulie M Touray, former GCCI President stated that the AGM is the highest decision-making organ of the chamber and it’s vested the authority to consider any matter amend, and over thought any decision made by any of the organs of the chamber which the AGM is constituted in the general membership of the chamber.