Wednesday, June 7

GDC backs UPD for CRR North chairpersonship

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GDC declared its support for the UDP candidate following his nomination to run for the election.                                             The party’s supporters in the area said they would vote for Alhagi S.B. Sillah since their party did not put up a candidate to contest for the Kuntaur Area Council Chairpersonship.

The party’s supporters were seen accompanying Sillah to his nomination.

Tijan Cham, the newly elected GDC Councilor for Karantaba Ward in Sami District together with his supporters were also spotted accompanying Sillah for his nomination.

He called on other supporters of the party who were not at the nomination ground to vote for Alhagi S.B. Sillah.                                            

Adama Sey, the most powerful GDC supporter in Sami District also called on all the five districts to come out in their large numbers on election day and vote for Sillah. Other supporters in Niani, Upper Saloum and Nianija Districts who also spoke to our reporter all promised to vote for UDP.                                      

Aspirant Sillah highlighted his development target for area if elected.

Essa Danso, a native of Tankong Kunda in Banni Ward appealed to UDP supporters not to allow anyone to come between them and GDC supporters.