Saturday, March 25

GDC Essau Ward Candidate Vows To Address Poor Road Networks, Women’s Participation By: Binta Jaiteh

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As the run-up for the Local Government Elections edging closer, candidates are pledging for support to improve the conditions of their people.

An aspiring candidate for Essau ward in the North Bank Region contesting under the ticket of the Gambia Democratic Congress, Kadijatou Bah has laid out her plans for her people if she emerges victorious in the upcoming elections, prioritising good road networks and women participation in decision making processes as her first area of intervention.

Speaking to The Voice, the aspirant candidate said: “Through the little that I have, I will provide the development that they need because if you look at the situation of Barra it is very sad and disheartening. Women are trying a lot to make sure that they feed their families.The business women encounter a lot in transporting their goods due to the lack of proper roads in the rainy season which makes business difficult for them. They don’t have any representative who will stand and defend them. That is the reason why I was motivated to stand firm and contest in the upcoming local government elections.”

She explained that women’s participation in politics is very minimal and it is high time for her fellow women to break that barrier and take part in decision-making processes rather than clapping and doing house chores only.

“We should wake up and say no to dictatorship for fifty-eight years of independence, the Gambia is still yearning and struggling to survive.  I therefore, call on my fellow women to break the gap and move forward. Council election is here to help us the candidates to chuck out the problems,” she stressed.

Madam Bah also said GDC has shown its agendas to the Gambians and is left to the citizens to choose their leader before it is too late.

 “It is very sad that Gambians don’t vote based on the agenda of a party instead they vote for families and tribes which is a big issue and needs urgent attention. I want the youths, especially my fellow women, to come out in large numbers and vote for me in this coming election to enable me to fulfill my duties,” she appealed.