Sunday, January 29

GDC Warns Barrow To Beware Of Deceptors, Denies Cross-carpeting Claims

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By Omar Bah

The Gambia Democratic Congress NBR chairman has denied reports that his party supporters have joined the NPP in large numbers.

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Sering Abdoul Aziz warned President Adama Barrow to beware of people who are convincing him that he will win the next election.

Reacting to reports that supporters of the GDC led by the councilor of Medina Sering Mass, shifted allegiance to Barrow’s NPP, Abdoul Aziz said the claims are totally false.

“I challenge them to come out with proof to substantiate that those people came from the GDC. You see Gambians are no more sleeping – we are all politically aware; nobody can fool us and Barrow himself should know better,” he said.

He said Councilor Bah is not even a new defector to the NPP as he had joined the Barrow camp since last year during the president’s Meet the People Tour.

“I think Barrow should beware that these people are just fooling him. They cannot show him anything to prove that those people they paraded at Brusubi on Monday are from the GDC or they will in fact vote for him. They must be looking for his money because they consider him cheap and easy to fool,” he told The Standard.

Aziz continued: “Barrow should remember that the many thousands of people who have sacrificed to free this nation from the clutches of tyranny to establish a New Gambia will continue to protect and defend that freedom. No matter what they do or say, the sons and daughters of this great country will surely wake up from this trance of political madness as winners.”

He argued that people should stop being selfish and see the country first. “Barrow will go but this country will stay. We need prayers for salvation because if not we will be doomed.”

“I want to advise Barrow to be mindful of people like Amadou Bah. This is somebody who cannot even convince his own people to join anybody. The people they gathered are just for total propaganda and a ploy for Barrow to give them money and nothing else.

“We must change the narrative from being about NPP or GDC, to being about what is fundamentally at stake, tyranny or liberty. Gambians have a choice to make,” he said.

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