Wednesday, June 7

GEA urges authorities to prioritize climate resilience measures

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By Mama A Touray

The Gambia Environment Alliance (GEA) has urged the authorities to prioritize climate resilience measures.

GEA made this call through its press release issued last Monday by Muhammed Hydara, the secretary general of the alliance.

According to the press release, the GEA urged all responsible authorities to prioritize climate resilience measures and early warning systems to safeguard People and properties from the increasingly severe impacts of climate change.

Added that in light of last year’s devastating floods, the GEA has called on both central and local Governments to take immediate action to prevent further damage and to work collaboratively with stakeholders to address this pressing issue before it worsens.

“It is imperative that we take action now to mitigate the devastating consequences of climate change and ensure a sustainable future for our people.”

Meanwhile, The Gambia Environmental Alliance (GEA) expressed its concern over the Gambia government’s lack of action to prevent a recurrence of last year’s flash floods that affected over 40,000 people and households in the country.

The statement further stated that with the rainy season Underway, windstorm warning around the globe are becoming increasingly destructive and deadly, and without adequate climate mitigation measures, the government’s rapid Development will only exacerbate the situation in flood-prone regions and newly Exposed areas.

“During a recent visit to the Banjul Tanbi wetland at Bond Road, the GEA found several unaddressed issues which have the potential to cause what the country experienced last year. The wetlands are contaminated with hazardous waste and Garbage, posing a significant threat to the wetlands’ flora and ecosystem. The Bond Road canal, designed to protect the city from flooding, is blocked and unable to supply water to the flora or protect the city from flooding,” it noted.

The release however added that the current pumping machine at the bond road canal is inadequate for heavy rain, and most of the Drainage systems in the city’s flood-prone neighborhoods are blocked.

It could be recalled that the Gambia environment Alliance and Standard Chartered Bank planted mangroves to help the city withstand flooding and windstorms.  However, the wetlands blockade has not been removed, and the canal bridge at bond road required urgent attention to be rebuilt to protect the city from any further flooding