Monday, March 27

GFD Rebuts LaminManneh’s Statement

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By Mustapha Jarju 

Gambia Federation of Disabled (GFD) on Thursday debunked the statement made by Lamin Manneh who claimed to be the Secretary General of the GFD. 

Lamin Manneh in an interview with local newspaper during the weekend claimed to be the Secretary General of the GFD, urged the president to sack six of the ministers if he wants an effective and functional government.

Responding to the claim yesterday at the federation’s office, the chairperson of the federation, Muhammed Krubally slammed Mr. Manneh’s claim as the secretary general of the federation as misconceived.

Mr. Krubally, therefore, called on the government and all their partners to recognise their position that the federation has a board that has been duly elected constitutionally by the electorates of which Mr. Manneh is not a member.

 “The federation itself is a registered legal entity which is non-political, this is why we want the public to know our position and of course in a very strong term in condemnation of Mr. LaminManneh`s parading of himself as the SG of the GFD,” Mr. Krubally said.

Lamin K. Fatty the executive director of the federation said Mr. Manneh has resigned from the GFD position as secretary general in 2019.

 “It is saddening and dismay for a member of the federation to use his portfolio in his political activism to gain political scores,” Mr. Fatty noted, while describing his claim as false.