Sunday, November 27

GFF Appoints Kebba Njie as Regional Coach of Banjul

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The Gambia Football Federation has appointed Kebba Njie regional coach to oversee the development of youth and grassroots football in Banjul, as he is laying the foundations for another upcoming football season.

Njie, who goes by his nickname, Bacha this week began a familiarization tour of the schools in Banjul ahead of the beginning of the school football tournament for the region.

The GFF uses the lower basic as the basis for grassroots football and the upper basic for the youth.

He will oversee the implementation of the school football program in both categories in Banjul after which the players under the age of 15 will compete in the regional U-15 league.

Bacha, accompanied by Demba GMG Njie, another staff member on the GFF payroll, visited Muhammadan, St Joseph, Wesley, and Albion schools in Banjul. The familiarisation tour, which is aimed at seeking the schools’ authorities’ cooperation in the program, is underway and at the end, Njie will hold training sessions with the various schools for six weeks before the championship begins.