Tuesday, June 6

GFF clarifies unveiling of national team kits

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The secretary general of the Gambia Football Federation, Lamin Jassey, has clarified a statement on the GFF Facebook page which suggested that Sports Saller has won the ongoing bidding to supply national team jerseys. The statement led other bidders to querry.

On Saturday, the GFF staged an unveiling ceremony of Saller-branded national team kits ahead of the Scorpions’ two imminent engagements in the Afcon qualifiers.

During the ceremony, GFF and NSC officials praised Sports Saller and its representative Mallick Camara for “tremendous assistance” to The Gambia since winning a competitive bid many years ago.


“It was this reference to the past relations with Saller that was misconstrued to have meant that they won the current bidding process. The current bidding has not been opened and no winner has been declared. All bidders have been told that the bids would be opened in front of all their representatives and all will be treated fairly,” Mr Jassey said. He further revealed that bidders have been told that because of the proximity of the national team’s engagement and the inconclusive state of the new bidding process, Saller will dress the team for the matches in the meantime. “What was being unveiled was a new design of the national team jersey and not a new supply,” Mr Jassey concluded.