Saturday, September 30

GFF electoral chairman clarifies nomination process

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Following initial queries by the Team Kamaso Campaign over the process of nomination papers yesterday, Saikou Jarjue chairman of the GFF electoral committee has made some clarifications he said will avoid any further misunderstanding Mr Kamaso had alleged that the committee had asked his representative who came to collect nomination forms to give the name of the prospective candidates they are representing and that only members from football clubs can collect forms.

However according to Chairman Jarjue, any member of the GFF clubs, allied associations or regional football associations can collect a form and no one needs to give the name of his or her candidate at the collection point. However no single person alone will be allowed to collect multiple forms at one go and persons collecting forms should indicate their names and the entities they belong to. ”This is to allow proper recording and availability of forms from the opening to the last day of nominations,” he said. Mr Jarjue said it is not the electoral committee’s business to know from now who is intending to contest as when the nomination forms are filled and returned all those details would be known anyway.

He assured all stakeholders that fair play and respect for the rules will always be the play book of his committee.