Friday, March 24


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The Gambia Football Federation last week effected significant changes to two of its standing committees.
According to the GFF an expanded procurement committee will advise, vet and approve all invoices submitted by the procurement officer. The committee’s full TOR is as follows: To review and approve all procurement above the value of D500, 000:00 including all GFF projects, Advice the Finance Director and Procurement Officer on all matters relating to procurement vet all invoices submitted by the Procurement Officer (PO) and approve or otherwise and any other matters as may be assigned to it by the President and/or the Executive. This committee is headed by Sadibu Kamaso , an executive member .

Also perhaps more importantly the GFF has restructured its contract and project management committee. This committee is the arm of the federation which among other things, conceptualise, draw up, award and oversee the implementation of existing and future GFF projects. It now has a new head, the GFF president Lamin Kaba Bajo himself. The committee shall regularly meet and review all existing GFF projects and advise the Executive Committee accordingly. It will also monitor the implementation of all GFF projects and the Technical Working Group (TWG) through its Chairman/GFF Project Manager on matters relating to the projects, upon the advice of the Chairman of the TWG/GFF Project Manager pay regular visits to project sites, meet with contractors, consultants and beneficiary communities, review and approve all proposed GFF projects after being drawn by the TWG and any other matter that the Executive and Chairman may have deemed necessary.

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The GFF said the two Standing Committees are set up for the implementation of some key football development activities for the Federation and the measure is to ensure a more transparent and effective execution and implementation of GFF projects and activities.
The GFF president Lamin Kaba Bajo congratulated the members for their deserved appointments into the sub-committees and hailed the officials for their steadfastness and dedication towards the realisation of football development in the Gambia and renewed its strong commitment to the promotion and development of football as enshrined in its development agenda.

The GFF did not say anything suggesting some thing went wrong but the assertion to ‘ensure a more transparent and effective execution and implementation of GFF projects and activities’ prompted speculations that things may not have been going well in the areas reshuffled. However, GFF officials talking in a recent Kerr Fatou show, denied any suggestion that something went wrong and said the process of expanding or restructuring sub committees are normal events.

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