Tuesday, March 28

GiEPA laments lack of Gambian workers, calls for gov’t intervention

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CEO Senghore was speaking during the National Project Steering Committee meeting funded by the African Development Bank to support investment promotion agencies in transition countries. The meeting held yesterday at the Metzy Resort Hotel.

He explained that when they visited the owners of Radville Farms in England, they realised that about 5,000 workers are needed. Senghore said that if The Gambia could succeed in the land for investment and Radville Farms could operate in the Central River Region (CRR), they would need about 20,000 workers.

“Currently they [Radville Farms] cannot export enough vegetables from this country and they are now buying over 200 tons per week from Senegal,” he said, adding that the company could have produced it in the country because they have the land, water and energy but they lack workers. “Our biggest challenge in the country is getting employees and government need to look at that,” he advised.

Senghore promised his institution’s partnership with relevant stakeholders including the department of labour to sensitize Gambians to take jobs that are available in sectors such as welding, plumbing and painting.

He reiterated that these are jobs that are available but Gambians would always have to bring in foreign nationals to do the work, “which is becoming a key concern for GiEPA”.

“In 2022, we facilitated about $80 million worth of investment and that will provide over 3,000 jobs. That shows us that investors are the solution to employment creation. The project also facilitated investment outreach we did in Nigeria, England and Turkey. With the support, we are getting from the executive through the land for investment, that alone can create about 50,000 jobs.”