Friday, December 8

Gina to Join League of Married Women Sunday

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By: Momodou Justice Darboe

The Gambia’s athletics sensation Gina Bass will this weekend quit the husbandless club to join a league of married women, The Voice has gathered.

Sources said Gina will, in a few days’ time, tie a sweet conjugal bond with the Farafenni-born  GFF-certified referee Mustapha Bittaye as his second wife.

Mustapha is her manager and according to sources, the pair met in Basse during the 2017 NAYCONF and fell for each other but their matrimonial ambitions were thwarted by religious differences.

However, this medium has learned that the duo will finally tie the knot on Sunday, Oct.22 after navigating their differences.

The Gambia’s most decorated athlete, Gina Bass is getting married to her manager, Mustapa Bittaye this weekend.

According to a source, who begged for anonymity, the athlete will become Mustapha’s second wife.

“Gina is going to be a co-wife. The first wife lives in Yundumand she has a child with Mustapha,” said the source.

He added: “If I can remember, Mustapha and Gina met at the 2017 NAYCONF in Basse. They loved each other but were unable to work through their religious differences.”

When asked if Gina is converting to Islam before the wedding on Sunday, October 22, our source responded: “I have no idea about that. Let’s see what is going to happen on Sunday.”

Who’s Mustapha?

Born in Farafenni, Mustapha is a certified referee with the Gambia Football Federation and a PE lecturer at the Gambia College.

In a recent Facebook post that gathered over 1,000 likes, he described his soon-to-be second wife as a shining star in the world of athletics