Sunday, May 28

Gitteh Calls for support ahead of Elections

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By Mustapha Jarju

Ahmad Gitteh, an aspiring candidate for Brikama Area Council Chairmanship has called on the people of the West Coast Region to give him support in all possible means to win the Brikama Area Council Chairmanship elections.

In his “Lailatul kadr” message on Monday, Gitteh said his team was small at the beginning but it is growing and bearing good fruits, which came to be possible through truthfulness.

“May God keep me on that truth because God has mentioned it in the Quran that his slave should be patient on the truth, and whatever difficulties and critics you come across you bear it, god is with the patience people, who stand for the truth, support the truth no matter how difficult it is,” he said.

Gitteh also said many small teams turn out big and successful through the help of Allah, adding on that note he is also seeking prayers for that same great God to make him among those small teams that will turn out huge.

However, Gitteh promised that the intention that led him to form that team will be fulfilled, and advised Gambians to maintain peace during the chairmanship elections.

“Let’s not be aggressive on one another, let`s not make alarming speeches and actions, and not criticize one another with bad words, Gitteh addressed.”