Wednesday, June 7

Gitteh strengthening campaign in Foni talks about equal rights –

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By Mustapha Jarju

Ahmad Gitteh, an independent Chairmanship Candidate contesting for the Brikama Area Council (BAC) in the upcoming elections has told the people of Bullock in Foni Berefet that they have equal rights and freedom as other people in other parts of the country.  

Mr. Gitteh speaking to his supporters in Foni on Tuesday said, if you go to other parts of Foni children are not going to school because they are distracted by the ECOMIC Senegalese soldiers that are threatening them, and if people want to go bush they are threatened by the ECOMIC soldiers, too.

“If I am elected to the position (as chairman of the Brikama Area Council) I am not saying we will be enemies but we will get into discourse and make them understand that The Gambia and Senegal are one. We will not compromise our children’s future, education, and stable mind,” he told them.

He added that from Kalagi to Kololi every Gambian is equal, you live at the border, and if you are living at Kololi we are all the same, and your rights will be respected. 

Mr. Gitteh urged his supporters to neglect, all kinds of power usage on them and threats by the government because they will be voting in secret alone. 

Also, he said he will seek support to give subsidies to families to ease the burden as the price of commodities gets skyrocketed. 

We will give you support to have your own business, and if I win this election the people of Bullock will not be sitting under a mare corrugated iron sheet because I have already seen your Market.