Friday, March 31

GNOC to train planning facilitators

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Press release

The Gambia National Olympic Committee (GNOC) plans to carry out a two-part strategic management project which entails training 15 strategic planning facilitators and developing a six-year strategic plan (2023 – 2029) scheduled from 06” to 12′ March 2023, and 17″ to 19′ March 2023, respectively.

The GNOC has engaged a consultant/expert, Mr. Robert Mutsauki who is based in Harare, Zimbabwe to train, assess and certify the 15 strategic planning facilitators as well as to facilitate the development of the 2023- 2029 strategic plan.

The aim of the training of strategic planning facilitators is to create a pool of competent resource persons who can be deployed by the GNOC to facilitate the development and implementation of strategic plans by member National Sports Federations and other sports entities in the Gambia.

This knowledge transfer and capacity development initiative will also ensure sustainability through the development of local experts.