Thursday, September 21

Government is dishonest over Fertilizer Price – Hon Sanyang

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By Binta Jaiteh

The National Assembly member for the Latrikunda Sabiji constituency has tagged government of been dishonest over the fertilizer price since begin of the fertilizer price issue before the recent announcement of the reduction in price, from D2,500 to D2,000.

In his explanation, Honourable Yahya Sanyang said he did enjoined the clerk and chair to call for an urgent meeting over the fertilizer status in the country  by inviting the relevant stakeholders such as ministers, permanent secretary and those especially involved in the fertilizer process.

His arguement is “reducing it from D2,500 to D2,000 it still unaffordable  to farmers. So, we want it to go below this price.”

He said the claimed that the increase in price is due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine but “the contract has been given before the war. So, I don’t think that war can affect this price hike of fertilizer.  Serious injustice has been done in buying of fertilizer and I don’t want to mention that till the committee sit and make its recommendation.”

While noting that anybody found wanting in the process will be prosecuted.

However, he welcomed the reduction of the fertilizer price, saying the way they reduce the price is better because they bought the fertilizer at a lower price.

“We want   to know how much government is subsidising it for the farmers and also if the companies involved are the right ones,” he added.