Monday, March 20

Government not doing enough to tackle corruption, says Alpha Jallow

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By Adama Makasuba

Alpha Omar Jallow, a former National Assembly contender for the Sami constituency, has expressed disappointment in the government for not doing enough to tackle corruption in the country.

“As far as I am concerned, what I see in this present regime is definitely disappointing. I am not seeing anything that they are doing to prevent the waste of funds for every Gambian. The people managing our funds are playing with the minds of Gambian people in reality. They are not doing anything that will benefit the people, but they are doing it for their interest,” he said

“The Gambian people should start to learn because these people started to steal us point blank. And we would not relent in fighting against corruption. To set up an anti-corruption commission is a good idea but we have seen so many commissions set up but they all failed. So, setting up another commission will be a waste of resources. For me, to have an anti-corruption commission is a good idea but I know it will not get the support it needs from the government,” he added.

“This government has done nothing for the people of Sami but their agenda was to win the election. There are lots of people who keep calling for support like boreholes and fertilizers. But I know now people in Sami now know they have made a big mistake. And if there is going to be an election today, President Adama Barrow will lose in Sami because the popularity is going down.

“People are definitely tired and truly know that how this government is running the affairs of people is not correct. There are so many things that are not right and no action is being taken against such acts as corruption, in terms of theft, and robbery. And if the corruption level moves beyond this, there will be lots of trouble. So, for me, this government is not doing anything to better the livelihoods of people,” he lamented.