Wednesday, February 8

Government not ready to change bad laws – MP for Latrikunda Sabiji

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By: BintaJaiteh

Hon Yaya Sanyang has divulged to this medium that the President Barrow-led government is not ready to change the bad laws in the country.

In an interview with this reporter, he said “The President’s failure to attend the state burial of late Solo is a clear manifestation that the government is not ready to change the bad laws. President Barrow knows the importance and implications of Jammeh’s bad and draconian laws which made him refuse to change those laws.”

The member of parliament for Latrikunda Sabiji went on to comment on the failures of President Adama Barrow to implement the reforms process after the brutal murder of the late Solo Sadeng under the dictatorship rule of Yahya Jammeh saying is another issue.

“Their objective is to enrich themselves but Gambians should put aside partisan politics interest and force the members of parliament to change those laws,” he encouraged everyone.

Solo’s death, he said, will not be in vain because he fought for the sake of the Gambians but unfortunately, he got betrayed by the government. He added that the death of solo is what galvanizes Gambians into such a powerful political force against Jammeh.

‘’I am not surprised because someone who betrayed the living will betray the death, and it is sad that he doesn’t remember the past between him and the decease’’ he stressed.

He, therefore, pleaded to the Gambians to let the legacy of Solo live forever and the Never again slogan so that dictatorship will not be tolerated in this country again. “The government should understand that Solo died for reform change so that the people can have the utmost freedom and good governance.”