Tuesday, June 6

Government reduces pump price of petroleum products

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The Ministry of Information in consultation with the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy have announced a reduction pump price on petroleum products across the country.

This latest development of reduction on petroleum products pump prices took effect on Monday, 1st May 2023.

According to the dispatched press release, which read that “effective from 1st  May 2023,  the Pump price for  Petroleum products will be  reduced as follows: Petrol  –  D74.00 per litre ( a reduction of D1.00  off the current pump price); Gas oil  – D 70.50 per litre  ( a reduction of D2. 00 off the current pump price and Kerosene – D63.19 per litre  ( a reduction of D4.11 off the  current pump price).”

The statement continued that the reasons for the reduction are a result of the decline in the International price of Petroleum products and the foreign exchange rate. 

Therefore, “The Government of the Gambia has decided to transfer the drop in prices to the consumers as a measure of the government’s responsiveness to the needs of her people and sincerely thank them for their continued cooperation and support,” the release added.