Monday, September 25

Governor Bojang commits to resolving land dispute in WCR

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By Nicholas Bass

The newly appointed Governor of the West Coast Region, Ousman Bojang, has committed his office to resolving growing land disputes within the region, as he announced reviewing disputed land matters.

Speaking exclusively to The Voice Newspaper at his office in Brikama, he said: “I made a review of land cases in West Coast Region in order to know the sequence of land disputes in the region.”

According to him, the region’s land disputes are a result of the high demand for settlement by the people and urged Gambians to do away with land disputes.

“Everyone wants to live in the West Coast Region which has increased the problems of land disputes in the West Coast Region. The government is doing all its best to address land dispute in the country,” he said.

However, he expressed commitment to bringing hopes for the residents of the West Coast Region and the country respectively by serving the interests of the public.

Governor Bojang revealed that his office is having a team led by the National Disaster Agency who will mitigate the problems of floods whereas the National Environmental Agency will also deadlock certain areas within the region. He said he has plans for a long-term solution against floods in the region.

He called on stakeholders to collaborate for the development of the West Coast Region, calling every stakeholder to be part of this formation.

He also highlighted the need to improve the transportation system by buying more public buses that will transport people across the region.

He commended National Water and Electricity Company for doing a good work, in their improvements and also reminded the general public to grateful of the service of NAWEC.