Friday, September 22

Gov’t engages IMF to unravel corruption

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This is the latest revelations made by Gambia government in recent days, some of which by and large were widely applauded by the population.

The latest of these revelations was made by the country’s minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Seedy Keita.

During an interview with West Coat Radio on Tuesday, the Finance Minister Keita said the government has engaged IMF with a view to unravelling corruption in the public sector.

“We have engaged the IMF to do a country diagnostic study that will identify vulnerabilities to corruption and mal governance and public expenditure improvement and that report has been finalized,” he said.

The financial expert claimed the authorities are working towards implementing such recommendations from IMF.

“We are working very hard to implement the recommendation of that report and we will hope to check every Gambian on board in so doing,” he added.

He asserted that this move is part of government’s reform agenda.

“So reforms are a part and parcel of the new governance agenda and we look forward to the support of every Gambian to join us in the reform agenda,” he added.

This comes against the backdrop of the recent travel ban declared by President Adama Barrow for government officials for the rest of the 2023 fiscal year, 2023.

Highlighting the significance of the measure, the Finance Minister revealed that the travel ban is not only limited to core government institutions.

The Barrow-led government is perceived to be doing very little in the fight against corruption as the Anti-Corruption Bill drags its feet in the National Assembly without any substantial progress on its enactment.

Involving the International Monetary Fund, according to political commentators, is a step in the right direction.