Sunday, February 5

Gov’t reports involvement of civilian sponsors in alleged coup plot

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Speaking during a press briefing held at the Army Defence Headquarters in Banjul yesterday, Mr Jeng said that it had also been established that the alleged coup plotters made contacts and held clandestine meetings in some places identified within the country.

He further disclosed that an operational plan of the alleged plot detailing the outline of the botched plot is already in the hands of the investigators.

However, he said the plan shows the composition of the formation that were to participate, the required deployment strength, the tasks, and positioning to forcefully take over the State House and prevent any form of intervention.

“The Gambia Naval Base in Banjul was identified to be the launching platform with accomplices from the State Guard, Fajara Barracks, Yundum Barracks and other battalions across the country,” he revealed.

Dwelling further, he said in addition to the State House, the plan shows other key locations to be taken over and occupied which include the Denton Bridge, the Bund Road-Banjul Highway, Arch 22, and installations such as NAWEC Power Station at Kotu, Radio Stations, the Abuko Earth Station, the Airport and also to seal off the ECOMIG troops.

Moreover, Mr Jeng revealed to the press that the coup plotters also intended to use media propaganda to promote their takeover, arrest cabinet ministers and senior government officials to use them as hostages to prevent any foreign intervention.

“They also had plans to retire all senior military officers from the rank of major and above and restructure the Gambia Armed Force,” he asserted.

Subsequently, he reiterated that the government has constituted a Joint Investigation Team drawing membership from the Office of National Security, the Gambia Armed Forces, the Gambia Police Force and the State Intelligence Service with support from the Ministry of Justice to professionally and impartially investigate the alleged coup plot.

In conclusion, Mr Jeng urged members of the Armed and Security Services as well as the public alike to be law-abiding and more vigilant in safeguarding the peace, security, and stability of the country.

The seven members of the GAF linked to the reported coup plot are: Lance Corporal Sanna Fadera of the Gambia Navy, who is the alleged ringleader, Corporal Mbarra Touray of First Infantry Battalion, Corporal Ebrahima Sanno of the Gambia Armed Forces Military Police, Sergeant Gibril Darboe of the Gambia Navy, Corporal Bakary Njie ‘alias’ Njie B from the State Guard, Second Lieutenant Omar Colley from the First Infantry Battalion, and Captain Ebrima Baldeh from the Military Intelligence at the Defence Headquarters in Banjul.