Sunday, May 28

Gov’t unfair to Mayor Talib Bensouda, says Ebrima Tabora Manneh

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By: Mustapha Jarju

Ebrima Tabora Manneh, Leader and Secretary General of the People Alliance Party (PAP) expressed that the government is very unfair to Mayor Talib while making the job very difficult for him.

He expressed this in an Exclusive interview with this medium at his party bureau on Tuesday emphasising that the government of The Gambia is unfair to Talib and also not supportive of Gambians, “these are things that need to be pronounced openly.

“I don`t like injustice” adding that what is happening is that the government is standing against the young man. We can do politics and we can against each but again there is a lot of political witch-hunt against the Mayor of KMC Talib.” 

Praising the KMC Mayor, he said Talib is doing a good job in the Council, and if he is given a second chance he will do better by improving himself because he has learned a lot over the past 5years.

Mr. Manneh stressed that if PAP is to endorse a party the ruling National People`s Party is out of the parties to be considered because the government’s performance is not satisfactory to the citizens, and PAP as a party is not satisfied enough to endorse NPP.

He quickly added that Talib is one candidate that he will endorse.

Meanwhile, he disclosed that his party of about 5 to 6 months old selected 3 candidates for Bundung Borehole, Bundung Mauritania, and Niamina respectively to contest for the position of councilors in the election one withdraw while two lose.

However, Mr. Manneh believed that for his party, the time is too short to have proper structures in place and select candidates for the people but after this Mayoral election “we will try to do our launching and tour across the country from thereon start campaign proper.”

“We believe the time is short to have proper structures in place and to select a candidate for the people, and after this mayoral election we will try to do our launching, we will go and do a tour of the country thereafter we will start the campaign proper,” he explained.

He continued: “Politics can go with a lot of noise and fanfare, but at the end of the day we have to be realistic, we have to be keen to ourselves and you cannot come and fool people and expect that it can happen all the time, politics of intimidation and politics of insulting should stop.”