Wednesday, September 27

Gov’t urged to complete victims’ payment 

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“Payments to victims are long overdue,” he said. We are calling on the government to table the Reparations Bill before the lawmakers at the National Assembly so that the reparation commission can be established to cater for the welfare and general wellbeing of the victims.”

“Victims are in need of serious help and support from the government. We have a huge amount of victims that are suffering from medical conditions that needs attention from the government,” he pointed out. “We also have victims that need support for their livelihoods. Therefore, a commission needs to be established to address the needs of the victims.”

He also called on the government for a successful and unbiased implementation of the TRRC Recommendations and the government White Paper.

Adama Jallow, the national coordinator of Victims’ Centre, harped on the role Victims’ Center plays in the country.

“We have made sure the promotion and support of victims in the country by partnering with relevant stakeholders and institutions to better the lives of victims,” he reminded.

He thanked the victims for their tolerance and patience through those periods and also called on the government to attend to their needs.

Chairperson of TANGO, Yadicon Njie Eribo, said the Victims’ Centre should come together and push its agendas to ensure that the recommendations of the White Paper are implemented to bring relief, rehabilitation and closure for the country.

“You should ensure the policies, rules and regulations are followed, taken care and specific actions to look at all the issues that have been raised.”