Friday, December 8

Gov’t urged to create bill to crack down on migrants smugglers

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The backway to Europe has claimed the lives of hundreds of Gambians over the years with at least 21 youth reported dead last week while trying to reach Spain by boat from Bakau, The Gambia.

Mr Sonko described the backway migration as a tragedy that is now becoming a national concern. He pointed out that the issue needs to be addressed at a national level.

“Smugglers lie about the safety of the route and modes of transport, particularly boats. Their lies and greed is costing countless lives,” he added, saying “the Ministry of Justice and the government of The Gambia must do something about it by passing a legislation to prosecute and hold these criminals responsible for their actions.”

“As a Gambian citizen living overseas, I would like to ask that the government of The Gambia to create a bill to crack down on the smugglers.”

“I am heartbroken by the recent loss of lives in the Mediterranean Sea,” said the co-founder of Big Dreams Incorporated (BDI), a non-profit organisation that supports both health and education in The Gambia and USA.