Friday, September 29

Gov’t vows to probe alleged U.S. visa fraud

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In an interview with West Coast Radio, Ebrima G. Sankareh, the Gambia government spokesperson, acknowledged the government’s disappointment with the news of Gambians in the United States (US) who are alleged to be involved in visa fraud, vowing thorough investigation upon their arrival.

Spokesperson Sankareh confirmed that The Gambia government got a notice from the Gambian Embassy in the U.S. dated 3rd July 2023.

“I spoke to the Foreign Minister and President Adama Barrow,” Mr Sankareh explained. “Nobody will want to send diplomats to foreign countries for them to be sent home for allegedly disrespecting the laws of the country… So obviously it is no good news for the government and especially for President Barrow. He has accepted the American Constitution, the government’s position and having them depart the United States no later than July 17 with their families.”

Speaking on the issue of Abdou Cham, the government spokesperson said that based on his conversation with the Foreign Minister, Mr Cham “necessarily will have to come home” after being accused of domestic child abuse.

He added that the issue was an allegation of Cham physically abusing the child, reiterating that the Gambia government had asked for a document as proof of evidence that the accused was complicit.

“The government is working on having the document and the President has promised me that once these people are back, the Gambia government will also conduct its own thorough investigation into to the circumstances,” Sankareh said.

Dwelling on the implication of former minister, Abba Sanyang, by the audit report, Sankareh stated that everyone that was adversely mentioned in the audit report did report to the crime management coordinator at the police headquarters last Tuesday, including Abba Sanyang. He revealed that Abba and colleagues made statements to the police and were granted bail.