Tuesday, March 28

GPF, DCAF Launch Innovative Mentoring Scheme to Empower Female Police officers –

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The GPF and DCAF have unveiled a ground-breaking three-month mentoring scheme to connect female police officers in The Gambia with experienced colleagues in the Thames Valley Police, UK. 

The initiative, which is part of the European Union-funded project aimed at strengthening the Gambia Police Force’s efficiency and accountability, recognizes that female leaders can benefit significantly from mentoring support to realize their full potential.

Mentorship plays a critical role in career and professional development and through this initiative, eligible colleagues from The Gambia are paired with experienced female leaders in UK policing, with whom they will develop supportive relationships over three months.

Each session will focus on issues that the mentees identify as barriers to their progression, such as the next steps in career development, managing conflict, and creating innovative solutions to the unique challenges that females encounter. The program’s success will be supported by dedicated ‘Coordinators’ who will assist both mentees and mentors with any challenges they may identify.

As the program close gets closer, a celebratory webinar will reflect on the initiative, with selected participants sharing their mentoring journey and lessons learned. This closing ceremony will also feature an award ceremony and recognition of the commitment and progress, officially ending the program.

Through this innovative mentoring scheme, GPF/DCAF aims to empower female police leaders in The Gambia to achieve their full potential, encouraging gender equality and enhancing the security sector’s efficiency and accountability.