Monday, December 4

GPF Review New Policy Strategic Plan

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By AdamaNyang

The Gambia Police Force on Thursday held a stakeholder consultation meeting to review a five-year national draft policy strategic plan for 2024-2028.

The plan is designed to allow for a more systematic and focused approach to policing development in the Gambia. The review, sponsored by DCAF brought together different Security personnel and other key stakeholders.

The Inspector General of Police, Abdoulie Sanyangsaid The Gambia police force would use the opportunities to rebuild the foundation through the development of the necessary police framework which has so far allowed the police to come up with about 30 policy documents including the police documents sponsored by DCAF.

“This document will be used as guidance instructions for the police as they carry out their core mandate and business,” IGP said during the review held at Paradise Suites Hotel.

He stated that a lot more needs to be done to accomplish the work of the police, especially in the contents of the road mapping, saying these are the policing ducking which is inspired by SSR objectives.

The Inspector General emphasized that his office deemed it necessary to develop a five-year national policy plan in particular to support harmonization and streamlining of the police, expressing optimism that the document will help guide all sides or where resources need to be committed for the highest impact in terms of police performance in service delivery and policy transformation at all.

He, therefore, thanked partners for their tireless support to the Gambia police force, stressing that The Gambia police force amongst other security sectors have been neglected and misused by the past regime through total disregard for the system, procession, and standards of abuses against the civilian population and the police.

“This bad practice over time undermines the solid foundation and principles of policing in the Gambia and that combined to defenses in the overall capacity performance and conduct of the Gambia police force and its personnel,” IGP stated.

He pointed out that a huge amount of financial resources have been used to change the situation since the launch of the reforms in 2017, but there is little visible change which is a concern to all.

“As the head of The Gambia Police Force, I acknowledged the shortcomings and strongly wanted a holistic change for better in line with the aspirations for the Gambian population articulated in the Gambia government security reform objectives,” the IGP remarked.

Abubacarr Suleiman Jeng, National Security Adviser, gave a summary of the support from donor partners and the achievement in the area of communications. He also called on external donors to help in facilitating capacity training for security personnel, noting that capacity building is vital in their work.

Meanwhile, the ceremony ended with presentations of awards to various stakeholders, donors, and partners of the Gambia Police Force.