Thursday, June 1

GRA extends benevolence gesture to SOS Children’s Village

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The gesture was part of the GRA efforts to help ease the burden of the SOS children village management in supporting and caring of less privilege children enrolled at the SOS Children’s Village as well as fulfill their corporate social responsibility.

Speaking at the presentation on behalf of the Commissioner General Mr Ousman Bah head of Corporate Affairs GRA said GRA is known for its mandates of collecting revenue for national development but today “we are not here for collecting revenue. Rather, we are here to distribute food items to a very important sector of our society which is the less privileged children at the SOS children village.

“This are what we call the future of our country. We invest in our children to make them grow to become better human beings, become more responsible” so that tomorrow when they become responsible they are also going to be tax payers”.

“So, we are doing this because we want to build them and make them more responsible when they become taxpayers” in the future. Then we collect more revenue and provide more services for the people of this country”.

“At the level of GRA we also care for the wider society. We have a Corporate Social Responsibility and we do a lot of donation knowingly and unknowingly. He said donation is a way of encouraging others out there to recognise and appreciate that SOS children’s village is here just like other sectors of societies that need our help, attention, interventions all the time.

He challenges all and sundry that we share the little we have with them especially in this holy month of Ramadan. He also stated that this donation may be small but hoped it would help them a lot in the caring of the children.

For her part the Alternative care coordinator SOS Madam Haddy Njie Touray said; “we are very happy and grateful to receive some staff of the GRA to present a very important and laudable food Aids to the SOS  children village.

She commended the management of GRA under the leadership of the commissioner General for thinking of supporting SOS Children village. She described the gesture as coming at the right time and to them the donation is not small. “We appreciate and acknowledge the gesture and we calling on other sectors and department, individuals to emulate the good deed of GRA. We need support as caring of this children is a big a challenge”.

“We take care of vulnerable children and we have been here for 40 years and are taking care of children that have lost parental care and there are lots of children that pass through this system who are now adults living in the communities and serving their mother land. Therefore, supporting these children is a step in the right direction and long overdue.